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  Personal Advisory Services


 Our core belief is that most people want to do something meaningful with their lives. Financial assets, and the planning that surrounds the assets, are simply a means to an end… Said another way – they are tools... Financial assets should accentuate life, not control it. Our goal is to make financial decisions easier, so that clients can focus on living their lives, not managing the tools. 

  • We help clients identify goals
  • We outline alternative routes to accomplishing those goals
  • We educate clients regarding the potential risks and rewards
  • We monitor, adjust, and advise
Our philosophy is centered on a holistic approach to planning and financial decision-making. The better we understand our clients – where they are at in life, how they arrived there, where they want to go, and why – the better we can advise them. This should be a personalized process. By taking a process-oriented approach to planning, we can simplify financial decision making, and increase clients’ comfort level.
Employee Benefits and Human Resources Services
In our role as financial advisors, we often work with small and mid-sized businesses to help them maximize the returns on the significant investments they have made in their employees. This “human capital” often represents the single largest expense on the profit and loss statement. However, employees are often the key to the ultimate success of the organization. Our goal is to help employers to provide compelling and cost efficient benefit programs that attract, motivate, and retain talented people.
Our experience as personal financial advisors allows us to understand the financial needs and challenges that individuals and families face in their daily lives. We design benefit packages that address the needs of employees, and that also allows the employer to remain competitive.

 We are currently providing the following benefit and human resource services for our enterprise clients:


Provider Brokerage and RFP Management Services

·         Complete RFP Design and Management

·         Comprehensive Employer Reporting

·         Complete Transparency

·         All Benefit Components


Benefit Communication and Employee Assistance Services

·         Conduct Employee Meetings

·         Web-based Communication

·         Web-based Employee Self-service

·         Personalized Benefit Statements

-  Electronic

-  Hard copy

·         “Live Person” Contact/ Advocate


Human Resource Services

·         Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

·         Wellness Initiatives

·         Background Screening / Exit Interviews

·         Employee Education

·         Pending and Proposed Regulation Alerts

·         Electronic Clipping Service (employer)

·         Research Tools

·         COBRA/ HIPAA/ FLMA/ Cafeteria Plan Administration Tools

·         HIPAA-Compliant Website for PHI


Retirement Plan and Key Executive Compensation Services

·         Investment Policy Statements

·         Fiduciary Liability Management Strategies

·         Employee Education (Retirement Plan)

-  Key Executive Compensation Consulting and Plan Design